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Customization Wiring-Free LED Car Door Lights(Other Models)

Customization Wiring-Free LED Car Door Lights(Other Models)

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Get Your Exclusive Car Led Door Sill Protector Now to Improve Safety Even when You Enter and Exit Your Car in the Dark. the Fully Automated Led Display Provides a New, Elegant Look for Your Car and Effectively Reduces Wear and Tear and Scratches on Your Car.

 1: Wiring-free, Easy to Install
2: USB Charging, Available for 3 Months
3: the Pedal is Made of Magnet Suction Magnet Design, Directly Adsorbed on the Threshold. Easy to Take out Charging
4: On the Bottom of the Door Stick a Magnet Piece, for the Induction Switch
5: 7 Colors Can Be Switched at Will Through the Button


  • Acrylic Mirror: Decorative and Protective Two-in-one, Bright Led Lamp Beads Provide You with Enough Light, Allowing You to Enter and Exit the Vehicle in the Dark Also Improve the Safety Factor.

  • Monochrome/colorful Atmosphere: breathe+always Bright Light Effect
  • Exclusive Original Car Logo: laser Engraved Logo, clear and Transparent,it Will Provides Your Car with a Brand New and Elegant Appearance.

  • Compression and Wear Resistance: waterproof, Anti-corrosion, Anti-wear,not Easy to Deform, effective Protection Threshold
  • Magnetic Induction: open the Door and Turn On/close the Door and Turn Off,will Not Affect the Normal Opening and Closing of the Door

  • USB Charging: Upgraded Wireless Led Car Door Still Sticker, power Saving and Low Consumption Distribution Charging Cable

  • Waterproof Design: Sealed Design Protection to Prevent Rain and Dust from Entering the Interior of the Lamp Body


  • Name: Projection Lamp
  • Voltage: Rated 12V
  • Size: Front door (9.8 * 1.7 inches) / Back door (21.6 * 1.7 inches) 
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Light Source: Full LED light source
  • Scope of Application: Universal
  • Material: Acrylic + High brightness LED
  • Current: Less than 0.5A
  • Mode: Dual-mode (streamer/breathing)
  • Color: Single color/seven color mode (blue & green & ice blue & yellow & purple & white & red)



    • Step 1: Test the led threshold to see if it is working properly
    • Step 2: Determine the mounting location and clean it so it is dry
    • Step 3: Connect the positive and negative wires to the power supply of the door switch sensor. (The red wire is connected to the positive pole and the black wire is connected to the negative pole
    • Step 4: Peel off the 3M tape on the back of the door sill pedal and secure the door sill pedal to the installation location
    • Step 5: Organize the wires and the installation is complete