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Color Changing Swim Trunks
Color Changing Swim Trunks
Color Changing Swim Trunks
Color Changing Swim Trunks

Color Changing Swim Trunks

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Can’t pick between a blue or a green swim short? We know the feeling…
That’s why we thought of something new, something unique. Swim shorts that change color when they get wet.

To make your swim shorts change color, get cool.
Imagine hanging out with a couple of friends on a rooftop in Amsterdam or a sunny beach in Bali in your (still green) swim shorts. Time to bring the element of surprise, which is you. Just take a dive and watch what happens… surprise yourself and everyone around you when you step out of the water with shorts that changed from green to blue. How cool is that?

Product details.

✔️ 100% Polyester / Fast drying. 
✔️ Custom inner lining for optimal comfort.
✔️ 100% Color Changing. 
✔️ Outstanding quality and fashionable fit. 

Color Changing Swim Shorts don’t change color because of the moisture, they change color because of the temperature of the water. As the swim trunks start to dry and warm up, the green color is revealed again. 

Which is exactly what we’re doing with our color changing shorts, leaving a smile everywhere we go: at home, at the beach, on a holiday or at the pool.  Whether you're lounging in the hot tub or swimming laps, our color-changing swim trunks make everyone feel good. As they should!
Order your pair today and leave a smile everywhere you go!

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